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Each client is unique, and every case is different.  The Levitt Law Group provides family law services tailored to each client’s legal needs.

We recognize that clients in divorce or other family law conflicts are experiencing life changing events that may go beyond the law.  We want to help you achieve what is most important to youWe understand that divorce and many family law issues often have high levels of emotion, including concerns about children or the impact on a family business.  Our family law attorneys combine representation with compassion, respect, and the desire to work with you toward practical and creative solutions.  We can provide you with the information you need about your choices, and what results may realistically be achieved.

We offer many different legal options to help you achieve your desired outcome.  Mediation, Collaborative Law and Litigation are three very different choices that can be used to resolve many family law conflicts including divorce.

  • Mediation is an out-of-court process in which a neutral mediator helps the involved parties to work together to make decisions and reach settlement.
  • Collaborative Law involves settlement negotiations between the parties, their lawyers, and a case facilitator, also accomplished outside of a courtroom.
  • In Litigation, the parties and their attorneys go to Court to settle their differences.

The lawyers at the Levitt Law Group are trained in each of these options and can help you to choose which one is best for your particular situation.  Our recommendations take into account many of the emotional issues that you are facing, such as the affects of divorce on children and extended family or your desire to maintain family relationships.  Choosing the right lawyer as well as the right method for settling your disputes are critical to resolving conflict while minimizing the pain that is often associated with divorce or other family law issues.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.