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Family Law Services

Resolution of Conflict Related to Elders

There can be a myriad of issues related to elders or elder care, and families are often trying to respect the elder while at the same time finding solutions to existing problems such as:

  • The need for guardianship or assistance in management of the elder’s finances
  • The disposition of the elder’s home either because they are incapacitated and going into a nursing home or other facility, or because the elder has died and a sibling or other relative lives in the home that is now being divided amongst several relatives
  • Estate planning for the elder
  • Abuse of an elder

The desire to maintain family relationships and preserve the estate of the elder suggest consideration of out of court settlement processes such as mediation and collaborative law, or if the case is already in court, using these processes in addition to traditional litigation.

If you have issues related to elders that you wish to resolve, and are thinking about problem solving and negotiating rather than litigating a settlement (or are in litigation but want to explore alternatives), we may be able to help you.  If not, we can refer you to the appropriate professional.

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