Adoption lawyers

adoption lawyers

Our adoption lawyers will guide you through the adoption process.  We understand that adoptions are an emotional yet rewarding experience for families.

Clients decide upon adoption for many reasons, sometimes after struggling with infertility and sometimes to simply add to their family; but adoption is always a selfless act of love.  Whether you are a stepparent who wants to adopt your spouse’s child, are a relative of a child whose parents are unable to care for them, or are adopting outside of your family unit, our adoption lawyers can help you.  We will guide you through the adoption process to ensure that the legal issues in your situation are addressed and that your interests are protected.

Massachusetts requires that adoptions involve an adoption agency or the Department of Children and Families (DCF), except in some situations involving step parent adoptions.  You should be aware that the attorneys from the adoption agency and DCF do not represent you, and having your own adoption attorney to represent you and your legal rights can be of great benefit.

Please contact us if you are in the process of an adoption or are considering adoption to see if we can help.