Collaboration: What does it really mean?

You have finally decided to move forward with divorce and to consult with an attorney.  However, you don’t know what to expect.  You have heard horror stories about what happens in Court, and you are concerned about the impact of divorce on you and your family, both emotionally and financially.  You really want to work things out by agreement with your spouse, but don’t know how best to do that.

You have heard about Collaborative Law and Mediation; or maybe you haven’t heard either of these processes, but the lawyer you consult tells you about them.  Or what if your spouse consults with a lawyer first, and tells you that they want to proceed with divorce using the Collaborative Law Process or Mediation? Continue reading “Collaboration: What does it really mean?”

If Only I Had the Key….

Cryptography is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as “The art of writing or solving codes”.  If you find the “key”, you can unlock the “code”.

Divorce or other family breakups often result from parties not being able to communicate, or decrypt the other’s “code”.  Lack of communication and understanding are at the root of much marital discord; no matter how hard they try, whether it is through talking, writing, couples counseling, texting, email, crying, apologizing, doing all things humanly possible to understand one another, sometimes couples just can’t crack that code. Continue reading “If Only I Had the Key….”

Attorney Karen J. Levitt Faculty at September 2019 MCLC Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training

Attorney Karen J. Levitt will be one of the faculty at the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council’s Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training, scheduled for September 19, 2019 and September 20, 2019 at MGM Springfield, MA.

The training will benefit a wide variety of professionals from different disciplines, including family and business law attorneys, financial professionals, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals, coaches and mediators, child development and co-parenting specialists and anyone working with family or business clients in divorce or other conflicts. Continue reading “Attorney Karen J. Levitt Faculty at September 2019 MCLC Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training”

Attorney Karen J. Levitt presenter at MCLE program in June 2019

Attorney Karen J. Levitt is going to be a co-presenter with Attorneys Karen Van Kooy and Cynthia Runge at a Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education program scheduled for June 11, 2019, entitled “Representing Moderate Income Family Law Clients – Working Efficiently.”

The program, which is for attorneys, will help attorneys think about ways to efficiently represent clients on a limited budget, and how to advise clients on leveraging their options and still have good representation but in a cost-conscious manner. Continue reading “Attorney Karen J. Levitt presenter at MCLE program in June 2019”

Attorney Karen J. Levitt Co-Chairs USA500 Family Law Roundtable

Attorney Karen Levitt is co-chair of the USA500 Family Law Roundtable with Attorneys Karen Van Kooy, Cynthia Runge, and Susan DeMatteo.  The USA500 Family Law Roundtable is part of the The USA 500 Clubs, which are exclusive regional communities for successful trusted advisers which meets for the purposes of developing relationships, sharing knowledge & resources, reputation enhancement, and creating business opportunities.

The Family Law Roundtable was created so that USA500 members could  collaborate with  highly skilled family law professionals of different disciplines within USA500,  including financial and business professionals along with attorneys. The goal of the Roundtable is to educate the member professionals, with a focus on the further strengthening and deepening of our relationships and connections. Continue reading “Attorney Karen J. Levitt Co-Chairs USA500 Family Law Roundtable”

Attorney Karen J. Levitt a Fellow of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation

Did you know that Attorney Karen J. Levitt is a life fellow of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation? The MBF Society of Fellows is a membership organization of select Massachusetts attorneys and judges who are committed to giving back to the profession and supporting legal services for the poor in our state.  Through generous contributions to the Foundation, life fellows help ensure that the MBF is a resource through which the legal community can come together and support initiatives that make access to justice a reality for those in need.  For more information, go to

Attorney Maureen C. Lynch joins the Levitt Law Group, LLC

Attorney Maureen C. Lynch has recently joined the Levitt Law Group, where she is practicing in all areas of family law. As an experienced litigator, she is able to go to trial when necessary, but also to use preparation and negotiation to resolve cases prior to trial or through dispute resolution. Her background in the area of special education and early childhood education has taught her the importance of helping families resolve conflict in the most constructive manner possible.

After graduating from Northwestern University School of Law, Attorney Maureen C. Lynch joined the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Illinois. During her 12 years there, she worked her way through the Appellate Division, Narcotics Prosecution Bureau, and Criminal Trial Division. Attorney Lynch tried 31 jury trials ranging from driving under the influence to capital murder, as well as hundreds of bench trials and motions. She has excellent litigation skills as well as the ability to work with clients and professionals in many different contexts. Continue reading “Attorney Maureen C. Lynch joins the Levitt Law Group, LLC”

Attorney Karen J. Levitt Co-Presenter on Dispute Resolution in Probate and Family Court

Attorney Karen J. Levitt, Esq., Gina Arons, Psy.D, and David Consigli, CPA, ABV, CPBA, CDFA, Director, Business Valuation with AAFCPAs, presented a workshop to the Greater Lowell Bar Association entitled “Pathways to Resolution in Probate and Family Court,” which was held at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA. The interactive program addressed various forms of dispute resolution alternatives in divorce, family law and probate, including: Continue reading “Attorney Karen J. Levitt Co-Presenter on Dispute Resolution in Probate and Family Court”

Alimony Reform in New Hampshire: A Massachusetts Perspective

Attorney Karen J. Levitt along with Attorney Eric Schutzbank was a co-presenter at the 2019 Statewide Practice Group Meeting  of the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance.  The meeting was held on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 in the evening at the Puritan Back Room in Manchester, NH.

The presentation, entitled “Changes in the New Hampshire Alimony Laws“, was on the new alimony law in New Hampshire from the perspective of divorce and family law attorneys such as Attorney Karen J. Levitt who practice in both MA and NH. Continue reading “Alimony Reform in New Hampshire: A Massachusetts Perspective”

Memorable Moments from 2018

As the Levitt Law Group moved from 2018 to 2019, we share with you some of our memorable moments from 2018, bringing the spirit of those endeavors to our work in 2019.

Sponsored Teenager in Foster Care for the Holidays

These included participating in a Lowell District Court program in December 2018 where the Levitt Law Group sponsored children in the care of the Department of Children & Families for the holidays. The Greater Lowell Bar Association also participated. The Court and GLBA sought GLBA member attorneys willing to individually sponsor a child. The Levitt Law Group sponsored a young teenager, providing gifts for him which included necessities and some items from his wish list. This was a very worthy cause – children in foster care who are not with their families need to be remembered during the holidays. Giving to those less fortunate has been a holiday tradition of the LLG for many years. Continue reading “Memorable Moments from 2018”