Conciliation is an often underutilized but valuable dispute resolution tool that can be used during litigation, or during any out of court dispute resolution process such as mediation and collaborative law.

Parties may be committed to resolution by agreement whether in or out of court, but get “stuck” on a particular issue or set of issues. This can happen for many reasons: lack of understanding of the facts, of the issues, or of the law; unrealistic expectations; and high emotions which are clouding decision making.

A Case Evaluator is an experienced attorney or retired judge or other expert, to whom the parties present their case and respective positions on the issue or issues still unresolved. This is done informally in the Case Evaluator’s office. The Case Evaluator usually asks for some information in advance, and then meets with the parties and their lawyers, if any, for a pre-determined amount of time and cost, and hears both sides. The Case Evaluator then gives their expert opinion about what might happen in court if the case did go to trial. The expert opinion provided by the Case Evaluator can be instrumental in settlement.

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