Andrea Wells Leads Adoption Practice

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Attorney Andrea M. Wells has created a niche Adoption Practice within the Levitt Law Group’s family law practice areas. In November, Attorney Wells presented an educational and informative program about Adoption to professionals at the USA 500 Family Law Roundtable in Woburn.

Attorney Wells focused her presentation on Domestic Adoption and in particular adoption in Massachusetts. She discussed the process of adoption, including private agency adoption and adoption from the foster care system. Andrea also provided information about legal risk, step-parent adoptions, same-sex adoption, and post-adoption contracts.

Attorney Wells is also continually updating her skills and continues to learn and develop this area of practice. Andrea recently attended the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Program, “Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Technology Law” in Boston. Adoption can go hand-in-hand with assisted reproductive technology and the family formation landscape is constantly changing. As a result, Attorney Andrea M. Wells stays informed and up to date on the latest developments in the law concerning adoption, parenting, and family formation in order to provide counsel to her clients in these areas.