Parenting Plans

parenting plans lawyer

A Parenting Plan is just what it sounds like – a schedule or plan for spending time with your children when divorce or other family law issues result in a change in the family structure.

A Parenting Plan is the more common term today for what we used to call “visitation”, but by using the term “parenting plan” there is the recognition that both parents have legal rights and responsibilities with respect to their children, and need to establish a framework for maintaining those rights and meeting those responsibilities that serves the best interest of their children.  While some parents are easily able to work together to create a Parenting Plan, some parents have difficulty agreeing about what would be best for their children.

We will work with you to determine your parenting goals, the needs of your children, including evaluating schedules based on the age and developmental stage of each child, and use creative techniques to get to a schedule that meets your needs and those of your children.   A guardian ad litem or child specialist may also be helpful in the determination and creation of a Parenting Plan.

The lawyers at the Levitt Law Group have substantial experience with helping clients establish Parenting Plans.  Our lawyers have represented mothers and fathers, grandparents or other extended family, and have also served as Guardian Ad litems, which gives us a unique perspective to evaluate and advocate for you with respect to the best Parenting Plan for your particular circumstance.

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